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Interaction 20

February 2, 9:00 AM

MiCo • Milano Convention Centre, Piazzale Carlo Magno, Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy See maps

Join us in Milan for IxDA’s Interaction Week! Over 1,000 creative thinkers – academics, business consultants, designers, product managers, and everyone in between – will connect in Milan to explore the evolution of design and its future opportunities.

The theme for Interaction 20 is A New Dawn. We’ll explore how the discipline of design has changed and evolved, now that almost everything is designed. What opportunities will new technologies and unprecedented organizational, societal, and industrial challenges present for designers?

We'll be at booth B01 in the exhibitor area. Don't be a stranger – feel free to drop by and say hello! In the meantime, check out the workshops and talks Designits will be leading in February:

Prototyping Futures – Planning ahead to stay relevant

Every organization needs to plan now in order to stay relevant in the future. How can companies adapt to a future we can’t predict? How can we move from adapting to the future, to actually shaping it?

Designers Christopher Pearsell-Ross and Chiara Lino will be holding a workshop on future thinking and its application in organizational design. Participants will use prototyping as a tool to make possible futures tangible, identifying human drivers, ideate on possible solutions and create lo-fi prototypes.

After this workshop the participants will be able to formulate different future scenarios, go through the process of creating lo-fi prototypes, and use these prototypes to spark conversations about what future we want.

Inside the Acquisition

Our Managing Director of Oslo Niklas Mortensen joins Michelle Berryman from Fahrenheit 212 in a talk about the changing world of design.

As design is increasingly seen as a competitive advantage and a marketplace differentiator, more and more organizations are seeking creative talent and innovators to bolster their service offerings. For many organizations, it is easier and more effective to acquire talent than to build the capability internally. This has brought new companies into the the design industry as employers - companies that traditionally did not hire or utilize design talent.

Among these newer entrants to the field, we find corporations, technology firms, systems integrators, and management consultants, to name but a few. This talk aims to look inside the acquisition and changing world of design, creative services and innovation to see how small boutique firms become transformative forces inside large, multi-national firms providing information technology, consulting and business process services.

Evolving Users: the framing of fluid mindsets

Personas are out, Mindsets are here to stay. Senior UX Designer Giulia Bazoli and Lead UX Designer Chiara Lino will be introducing a new approach and practical tool that will help your team integrate actual users’ needs in all stages and at all levels of product development.

Years after they were introduced, personas still spark heated debates. They are the one design method that is taught in schools, used in all stages of product development, and even championed by non-designers. While a decisive step forward from traditional customer segmentation, and towards a more user-centered approach, Personas have established themselves with the same stiffness and crystallized characteristics they were trying to challenge.

Giulia and Chiara created Mindsets as an approach and a tool that could replace Personas. That could answer the same needs of understanding and empathizing with the final users at all levels of the organization and at all stages of product development, without turning into static silhouettes of imaginary people. That could describe users’ attitudes, thinking and feeling towards a product or a service, instead of overwhelming product teams into users’ unnecessary and maybe not even useful details. That could evolve within the product or service we were building for users. And that could actively probe teams to iterate on them, evolve them together, and conduct continuous research along with continuous development.

This talk will leave the audience with an understanding of how to create Mindsets, why they may work better than Personas, and how to apply them through the design process.

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