Planetree International Conference

October 29, 1:00 PM

Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld, Sea Harbor Drive, Orlando, FL, USA See maps

The 2019 Planetree International Conference on Person-Centered Care is coming up on October 27-30! Every year over 1,300 healthcare experts, caregivers, and inspirational speakers gather to learn about the newest ideas and best practices in healthcare. With over 40 years of experience in working with healthcare organizations, Planetree is sure to live up to expecations!

Our Senior Service Designer María Ana Barrera from Medellín and Design Director Radhika Gupta from San Francisco will be leading a workshop on defining the right metrics to understand patient experience. Get your spot soon to learn about what needs fixing in healthcare, and how service design can help!

How Might We Define the Right Metrics to Help Us Improve Our Patient Experience?

Organizations use different tools and metrics to do research and track service delivery. At Designit, we begin figuring out metrics asking our clients why we want to measure stuff in the first place. Are we measuring for satisfaction? Or maybe to improve? In some cases it can be with the intention to innovate. Sadly, sometimes the answer is: to check a box. All these purposes have a direct effect on the experiences we deliver.

In the end, if our intention is to do better or eventually be the best, we need to understand what works and what doesn’t and what’s most important.. we need to understand how to do our job better. Especially if we want to deliver better experiences for those we serve.

Organizations that have understood this have moved beyond ratings and they have tried to implement surveys or focus groups. But there is a secret behind understanding how to improve: it is not enough to just listen to people, you also need to observe carefully what people do and dig deep to understand what they think.

Healthcare institutions struggle to find ways to understand how to improve. And they struggle even more trying to define ways to have meaningful conversations with patients and caregivers to get an idea of where to begin. For designers, this is our bread and butter! So let’s explore it together!

In this session we will explore together the right metrics and tools to understand what needs fixing, learn the small steps to make it better, and define how we might implement this in our organizations.

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