CMO’s Executive Connections

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AI is going to test your organization’s trustworthiness.

Katja Forbes, our Managing Director for Australia & New Zealand, was at CMO’s Executive Connections in Auckland to discuss the obstacles of implementing AI.

“AI is not a chatbot, platform or algorithm – it’s a set of capabilities, and these might be something you never see, or something that’s never presented to the end user,” Katja explained.

“Which means we’re in a situation now where we as consumers have to trust what’s going on behind the scenes, invisible to us. And we have to trust that those decisions being made, that we never see, are right and in our societal interests, and aren’t doing us any harm.

“Anything your organization designs and puts out there as part of your product set is going to face these questions, too.”

Trusting invisibility

How can we build transparency and accountability into the things we can’t see?

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