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Hej! Our President and Founder Mikal Hallstrup had a great conversation with the CEO of Copenhagen FinTech Thomas Krogh Jensen about design and technology. The original article is in Danish, but here’s a quick recap of the best bits of Mikal and Thomas’ chat:

Danish banking has long been at the forefront of the digital revolution. Mobile payments, mobile banks, and digital signatures have all been adopted, but what’s next? Fintech startups that are establishing new customer experience standards! Lunar Way, Grandhood, and MobilePay take design-driven approaches that offer both banks and their users benefits and a simplified experience. Many startups are also aware of their footprint in the world, and work towards sustainable investments and goals. These startups integrate design into every stage of the decision-making process to find new solutions and strategies. Increasingly, it seems the bank of the future will be developed by teams with diverse design capabilities and an eye towards sustainability.

Trusting invisibility

How can we build transparency and accountability into the things we can’t see?

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