Kahly Berg

Head of Business, Americas

[email protected]


About Kahly

With roots in strategic management, CX strategy, and go-to-market for enterprise brands, you’ll struggle to find someone as passionate about human connections in a digital world as Kahly is. For her, it’s all about understanding what solutions can positively impact customers’ wants and needs, helping brands forge better customer connection in the digital era.

With over 15 years of experience on both the brand and agency side, including positions at Microsoft, she most recently led the digital marketing and customer experience agency teams at Rational as Global Managing Director. From Seattle, spanning worldwide, Kahly and her team built and delivered a unique take on how customer understanding, marketing strategy, and digital excellence come together.

‘My goal has always been to deliver more thoughtful and impactful experiences for people by designing, building, and activating solutions that deliver on the brand promise at every customer touchpoint.’

Joining us at Designit in 2021, Kahly is now a member of our Global Leadership team, working from her base in the lush evergreen forests of the Emerald City.

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