Kjersti Lund

Head of Business, Europe

[email protected]


About Kjersti

Passionate about empowering and motivating people to step up and unleash their full potential. If one sentence could sum Kjersti up, this would be a close contender, demonstrated by her first-hand experience of leading and growing a company that puts its people first. With an educational background in Human Resource Management and International Business, followed by a career working at the intersection of strategy, digital transformation and change management, Kjersti is a proven business leader.

Since 2015, Kjersti has been part of Designit's Global Leadership team. Based in Scandinavia's design-renowned city of Copenhagen, she started her Designit adventure as a key player in Wipro's acquisition of Designit. Since then, she has been leading multiple strategically significant projects as our company grew from nine to 21 studios in just six years, leaning on her experience with design leadership. If that wasn't enough, Kjersti is also on the board of several organisations, including Nørrebro Bryghus, Baldersbrønde Bryggeri, and The Index Project – a non-profit that promotes design to improve lives worldwide.

‘Ensuring we push the boundaries for responsible, creative, and innovative solutions to important issues like equal opportunity, well-being, and transforming to net-zero is what gets me up in the morning. Driving partnerships, encouraging clients and ourselves to think differently...’

Today, Kjersti is responsible for driving our strategic direction globally and leading Designit Europe as Head of Business. Overseeing our marketing, brand, innovation hub, as well as our sustainability efforts globally. Not to mention her hands-on involvement in Designit's DEI initiatives - a topic very close to her heart.

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