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Medellin Hero

Since 2013, Designit has had a home in Colombia – first in Medellín, and soon expanding to Colombia’s capital, Bogotá. From here, we frequently travel to support our clients across Latin America, from El Salvador, to Chile, Perú, or Mexico. Wherever we are, we’re always connected as a team, working together, laughing, sharing, and inspiring each other – and our clients.

One of our very first projects was with Bancolombia, transforming the banking industry. To date, we’ve worked with multiple clients across the insurance, retail, and food industries, including Sura, Celsia, Nutresa, Exito, Innpulsa and Bancóldex, to name a few.

Latin America is one of the most attractive markets in which to tackle fresh design opportunities, and we’re always seeking new clients who dare to change. Businesses come to us to step up their products, services and technology. They need a vision for the future – and their traditional way of working is often their greatest barrier. Our clients are always a part of our process, and they love it as much as we do. Working with public and private organizations alike, we aim to change the face of progress for other developing countries. We’re taking the lead, and we hope you’ll join us! Contact us for any challenge, anywhere around the world.

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