An award-winning series of coffee machines

  • Case Reinvigorating a leading Nordic brand with a new product line
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  • Client Wilfa
  • Industry Consumer goods
  • Capabilities Product Design
Designit Wilfa Interior Hero

Wilfa and Designit came together to develop a new product experience and series of coffee machines. The result is the award-winning SVART Manuell and Presisjon, serving as the style direction for future Wilfa products.


Departing from the popular trend of fancy ‘continental’ flavored lattes and espressos, Nordic Coffee Culture embraces the pleasures and subtle nuances filter coffee can provide, when it’s made right. And this is exactly what Wilfa wanted to capitalize on when they set out to develop the SVART line.

The project kicked off with a period of extensive research, including a collaboration with champion barista Tim Wendelboe, and workshops to examine solutions from the perspectives of the consumer, the market and coffee professionals.


SVART Manuell is a manual, ‘pour over’ machine similar to a drip coffee machine, but with SVART Manuell, you pour the water over the grounds yourself. Meanwhile, SVART Presisjon has fully automatic features.

Both coffee brewers not only give the user ample control over the process of making coffee, but ensure that all the elements of fresh water, flow, brewing time, and brewing temperature are all properly optimized for maximum success. The brewers have met all of these demands with a certification from NKI, the leading Norwegian authority certifying coffee brewers.


SVART Manuell is the winner of an  ‘Award for Design Excellence’ by the Norwegian Design Council and SVART Presisjon, a Red Dot and iF product design award for 2013.

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