A digital strategy to lead the foodservice industry

  • Case A digital tool to empower the salesforce
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  • Client Arla Foodservice
  • Industry Consumer goods
  • Capabilities Digital Design
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    Service Design
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As part of our ongoing digital transformation partnership with Arla, leading dairy supplier in Scandinavia, we created a mobile service to empower Arla’s salesforce and grow their global B2B business.


As a pioneer in the foodservice industry, how could Arla integrate digital channels in their global business strategy?

After an immersive research and co-creation phase across multiple markets, we created a digital vision and roadmap – that puts customers at the heart of the experience. And with the salesforce at the forefront of Arla’s relationships with customers, we identified the salesforce as a key part of this strategy.


After developing and validating a range of concepts, our mobile service ‘Product Masterclass’ was chosen as the first idea to be implemented.

Product Masterclass is a digital tool to empower, inspire and educate the Arla Foodservice salesforce, so that they can meet the needs of their customers: information is precise and easy to understand, and with engaging and memorable content it can be used on the go to support the sales team before, during and after a customer meeting.

Human interaction can’t be replaced by technology. But it can support the salesforce in making a greater impact with customers.

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