Disrupting the construction industry

  • Case A digital platform to bring strategic value to construction through collaboration, customer experience and usability
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  • Client Ogun
  • Industry Construction
  • Capabilities Digital Design
    UX Design
    Design Research
    Service Design
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When it comes to innovation, digitalization and productivity, the construction industry falls at the bottom of nearly every ranking. It was time for change. Technology startup Ogun teamed up with Designit to create the first digital platform to bring together construction companies and suppliers and radically improve planning, communication and efficiency.

Low construction productivity costs the global economy $1.6 trillion a year. Source: McKinsey study


The construction industry is built on steel – and good old-fashioned pen and paper. The steel bars used to reinforce concrete must be made to exact measurements and delivered and installed to precise deadlines to avoid delays to the whole project. As we visited sites across Europe, we saw it was a complicated and inefficient paper-based process, involving a lot of different stages, people, and documentation. So in an age when you can order food, hail a taxi, or even find a date in the click of a button, you’d think there’d be an app for that. But to date there’s been little to no digital innovation in construction – and it’s costing everyone in the industry dearly.


After mapping the complex process together, we redefined the value proposition for Ogun as a planning tool for the whole supply chain – managing scheduling, fulfillment, delivery, documentation, discussions and notifications. We branded the solution, including naming and logo, and created the interactive and visual language for the tool, highlighting key information elements for an easy to use interface. Suppliers can see upcoming orders, workers can scan incoming materials, and managers can get an overview of their site. The result is a flexible solution to improve communication, integration and planning – saving time and money.


In construction, the cheapest bid normally wins the contract, creating squeezed margins and a focus on cost, not value. This throttles innovation that the industry desperately needs. Ogun is going to lead the transformation towards collaboration and transparency. Benjamin Morris, Ogun Sales and Operations Manager


In May 2018, Mobile World Capital named Ogun as one of eight startups set to shake up the life cycle of the construction industry. 

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