From classic IT provider to trusted partner

  • Case A customer universe that enables collaboration and provides a clear service overview
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  • Client Itadel
  • Industry IT service provider
  • Capabilities Digital Design
    UX Design
    Design Technology
    Design Education

We partnered with Itadel to take on their biggest industry challenge: giving users a proactive and customer-centric service – with high-end design. Together we built a digital customer universe, My Itadel, and brought about structural changes in the organization.

When we started the project, we knew we needed a partner to drive the design process and ensure the customer experience. We chose the right partner for this journey, and it has been a success. Britta Bech, COO, Itadel


Designing the My Itadel customer universe was the flagship for our collaboration. The entire process revolved around open communication, and every design phase began with a sprint. We welcomed the Itadel team into our creative workspace to collaborate on the focus and experience of their next minimal viable product (MVP). The process involving customer insights began by bringing customers into the design sprint, in addition to prototyping and user-testing with the team.

We worked together through the design and implementation, which included the overall process of delivering and reaching goals not just once a year, but on an ongoing basis. Internally, we disseminated knowledge about My Itadel and new ways of working.


Itadel now has a reactive, evolving customer universe that enables collaboration, presents relevant data points and provides clear overview of their service offerings for their customers.

Employees have embraced design-thinking methodologies, and a customer-centric approach enables Itadel to move from being a traditional IT provider to being a service partner for their customers. The project has reached all parts of the organization, helping align business opportunities across departments. With every release of the customer universe, Itadel has seen how customer focus impacts their organization – creating transparency for both users and internal systems to build trust.

We had to work outside of our comfort zone and involve our customers for us to be inspired. Britta Bech, COO, Itadel
Our customers tell us that we have taken a huge step in improving their customer experience. Inge Overgaard, Senior Service Delivery Manager, Itadel


Since the launch of My Itadel in August 2018, there has been a stable and continuous increase in customer visits, which is supported by the ongoing improvement of the customer experience.

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