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SATSELIXIA, the largest gym chain in the Nordics, faced the dual challenge of attracting new members while retaining existing membership. SATSELIXIA partnered with Designit to create an app that would motivate their members to work out more, and in more varied ways, to increase membership engagement.

I’m considering upgrading my membership now that I see my friends going to yoga classes. I actually did a trial session the other day. SATSELIXIA member


SATSELIXIA wants their members to take full advantage of their membership, as active members are less likely to quit the gym. We identified potential in motivating members through their friends’ activity. We validated this concept by inviting members and their friends to use a prototype over a period of four weeks. During this pilot, we involved users through interviews and workshops in order to map their experience and motivation. For example, pilot users were asked what was the most important thing for them to see when they opened the app – was it their upcoming training, their statistics, their friends’ upcoming training or something else?


Members are now able to follow friends who also work out at SATSELIXIA, see and join their upcoming training, share their own, and reward each other after completing their workouts. SATSELIXIA is the first physical gym to introduce an app like this. The app creates social connections and allows people to see how their friends work out, which drives their motivation up. The features encourage users to try new ways to use their membership, since members are more open to trying out new things if friends vouch for it. The concept also doubles as a platform where members are inspired by each other’s activities.

The new app is boosting motivation and drives the commitment of working out together. We are confident the app will increase retention as a result. Christian Øvregaard, Chief Digital Officer, SATSELIXIA


The app increased membership engagement and its social features are only the foundation for further innovation and business opportunities for SATSELIXIA.

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