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  • Case Empowering employees and streamlining the customer experience for South America’s largest retail company
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  • Client Grupo Éxito
  • Industry Retail
  • Capabilities Business Design

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Grupo Éxito is the leader in retail commerce in South America, with 2,600 stores across the continent. We teamed up with their electronics division to redesign SUMA, a unified operational playbook that will help transform the employee experience, provide better customer service, and drive revenue.


With 120 stores in Colombia, Éxito wanted to unify its operations protocols to support its sales staff, with the ultimate intention of scaling to all regions. In order to stay competitive among the growing segment of small specialized stores, Éxito wanted to address both the employee experience and the customer service experience with a fresh organizational design. They came to us to help refine SUMA – a compensation program – that would extend beyond the electronics department to impact all service lines, from hypermarkets to neighborhood stores and service stations.


We used on-the-ground research methods, including surveys and step-by-step journey maps, to help support the sales staff so they could offer a better customer experience. We defined scrum ceremonies like daily stand-ups, iteration reviews, and retrospectives, where employees could gather and support each other to increase morale, evaluate the team performance, and adapt the sales strategy. The pilot program, SUMA 2.0, launched in the Colombian electronics market.


SUMA has been reshaped into a sales culture that will impact the workflow of 900 people in the sales staff and management chain. In terms of financial impact, it is forecasted to increase services sales penetration – on top of product sales – by 10-20%. 

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