Get to know us

It’s about improving the experience. Everyone here believes that. It’s about creating, launching and engaging with products, services, brands, and systems. Again and again. Furthering better connections within organisations, between brands and people, between humanity and technology. As an experience innovation company with creativity at our core, we’re out to build meaningful relationships with progressive, long-term partners.

Our story

From our roots in Denmark, we grew across Scandinavia, driven by the values and principles of Nordic design.

Since then, we’ve continued to evolve. Coming together with like-minded companies in different areas of the world. Growing our footprint with studios in Europe, Asia, and North America. Now, you can find us all over the world.

Where we stand

We've always known that design has the fundamental ability to change the way people live, work and play. We've seen it happen, and we've made it happen.

But time has shown us that not all change is good. Not all movement is forward. There's growing complexity meaning many solutions spark a new set of problems. Creating something new, but not always better.

The time has come to widen the lens.

To ask questions and craft solutions that better connect brand, organisations, and businesses. A shift from a human-centred perspective towards a humanity-centred one. Pursuing long-term progress for all over immediate value for some.

Together with our partners, we are hell-bent on turning change into progress. Shared progress.

Through diverse lenses, humane technology, and purposeful risk, we’re driven by the belief that what matters tomorrow is designed today.

Our beliefs

Tomorrow is designed together

We nurture, learn from, and work in long-term, collaborative partnership with progressive businesses, nonprofits and academia.

Tomorrow is designed to share

We strive for every product, service, system and campaign we launch to be considered and measured by its impact on people, business, and planet.

Technology ignites us

We test and harness advanced and emerging technologies as a tool for organisational growth, and a source of honest human value.

Empathy grounds us

People are at the core of what we do. We actively listen to the voices of our clients, their clients, and the wider ecosystem — and connect the dots between them.

Pursuing risk is necessary

We embrace experimentation, imagination, serendipity and risk as paths towards uncharted possibility, and remarkable opportunity.

Seek out fact

We anchor design, brand and experience decisions in diverse data collected from exploration through to consumer advocacy.

The present is our playground

We endlessly explore, rapidly prototype, and continuously learn from new methods, media, platforms and models.

The future is our ambition

We channel ongoing iteration and insight to pave an optimised path towards shared horizons.

Magic happens at the interface between dualisms: the linear and non-linear, the rational and irrational, realism and intuition. Meaningful work and progressive long-term partnerships allow us to showcase that.

Our values

How we work and play in Designit is based on the same philosophy - the power of collective creativity. Our beliefs are the foundation of the work we do and with whom. But we also acknowledge that collective creativity is as essential to us as the people who make Designit what it is. The impact of what we design lies in our differences.

Recognising the diversity of cultures, backgrounds, skills, and needs that we have expands our perspective. It challenges us. It makes us better. It helps us go further. We aim to promote an equitable, inclusive, ally-driven mindset within Designit and our partners and projects. Of course, culture is often made up of both written and unspoken rules. We are what we do, so how we act in our everyday lives makes all the difference.

Our Jobs page has more about how we approach employee experience, how Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is ingrained in everyone’s role, and how our onboarding, talent development and hiring process uses all of these as a guiding light.

Have your experiences challenged by concepts from outside your own industry and peer networks.

Curious to know how we can help your organisation shine through design and experiences? Learn more about our work, services, and the industries we help progress. If you want to join us, check out our openings.