One intern in a dorm room and one client is all it took to get the Oslo studio started in 2007. A lot has happened since. Today our Oslo studio is one of the most multi-disciplinary studios in the Norwegian design industry.

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Designit Oslo A/S
Akersbakken 12
0172 Oslo
VAT nr. NO990679614
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With a strong emphasis on sustainability, diversity, and inclusion, our Oslo studio works together with private and public sector clients to drive change with measurable positive impact.

Oslo Studio Offerings

These offers are meant to supplement different parts of your innovation processes with specific teams or all of your organisation.

Become resilient & future-ready
Anticipate possible futures to prepare your business or team for what is to come, today.

: Starting from 4 hour sessions


→ Gain a peek into possible future competition
→ See emerging opportunities for your business
→ Identify strategic actions to start now

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Optimise your product or service
Diagnose and identify untapped potential in your products or services to reduce risk and help you focus on future improvement opportunities.

Time: Starting from 1 week

→ A holistic view of your user’s experience
→ A clear understanding of pain points in your journey
→ Insights from real users on their experience

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Get fresh perspectives
We support you and your team to navigate projects or get design support with a scope and time frame of your choosing.

: Starting from 30 hours


→ Expert support for the tasks you or your teams need
→ More robust design outcomes
→ Access to an extended expert network from Designit

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Strategise from a systems view
Create strategic alignment across your organisation’s departments through tailored visuals and storytelling of your current system.

Starting from 4 weeks


→ Insights from your landscape to shape your strategy
→ A holistic view of your company & surrounding system
→ An engaging tool to create alignment in your company

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Tailored courses & talks
We co-design and deliver a broad set of design-related courses and talks for your company and teams tailored to your needs.

Starting from 1-day

→ Up-skill your teams to apply design methods & tools
→ Hands-on and engaging learning approach
→ Permanent access to course content

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Not exactly what you’re looking for? Get in touch to see what tailored options we can provide for you.

Ready to join forces and collaborate on solving complex business problems using a design-led approach? Let’s create something valuable to your business, organisation, employees, and customers. Book a coffee chat at our office in Akersbakken 12.

Open positions

We're always scouting for people who live and breathe their craft. People who want to create a positive change. If you're full of curiosity and ready to get your hands dirty, head on over to our Jobs page.