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There is a massive link between food and peace. Between the way food is produced and the way in which peaceful societies are built. So how can you ensure that food systems lay the foundation for peace?

Designit was tasked with developing a concept for the FIX THE FOOD festival, a co-hosted event between The Nobel Peace Center and the World Food Programme (WFP). The concept had to act as the red thread tying all the different elements of this food festival together — this included a visual identity, overall layout, and physical installations.

The team proposed the concept ‘because food can ____’ to communicate to visitors why it's important to fix the food and, by extension, how the WFP's work contributes towards a more peaceful society. The concept aimed to add value to the festival and a hint of playfulness, joy, and approachability to the visuals to attract a broader audience while still adhering to the Nobel Peace Center’s brand guidelines.

Using pallets from food transportation, the team created several seating and signage installations throughout the festival to remind users of the focus on food and provide functional seating areas. In addition, the team provided the Nobel Peace Center with a step-by-step instruction manual to understand how to build these installations.

The result was a concept that could be used to communicate simply and effectively throughout the festival— giving the vendors direction to the visual and physical touchpoints. And by creating a modular system for the arrangement and assembly of these installations, the Nobel Peace Center was given the tools they needed to execute these installations in an easy and understandable way.

Hosting a food festival is a step into unfamiliar territory for the Nobel Peace Center. The team gave them the guidance and tools to successfully host this event and ensure that the focus on the peace prize and the WFP remained front and centre.

‘By using a design approach we were able to identify the key aspects of the experience, both for the audience and our partners. And working with a very competent team within different disciplines was really valuable. I highly recommend this to others who work with events, large or small.’

Hege Østmo

Head of brand and sponsorships, Nobel Peace Center



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