Creating impact for nonprofits

Those working in the nonprofit industry know better than anyone just how complex the sector is and how spread-out budgets can be. Decisions can take time, and there is an anxiety associated with creative processes based on the risks. With a design-led approach, you can create impact, introduce customer experience as a solution, and build long-term collaborative partnerships that give real results for people.

‘Every design organisation will tell you they can help you get more creative or innovate. Designit steps into the ring with a will to do that and to meet credible ethical standards set by the European Union, research bodies and via our own expert-led Do No Harm Framework. 'Moving fast and breaking things' isn’t a motto we want to align ourselves with. If you do design right, you can focus on the building rather than the breaking and that’s our starting point.’

Pardis Shafafi

Senior Design Researcher

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