Feed A Billion

Feed A Billion (FAB) tackles food inequality by feeding hungry girls in underprivileged communities around the globe. But their existing brand didn't efficiently capture the attention of donors or clearly communicate the potential impact of their foundation.

Designit's Strategy team got to the bottom of the problem through research, interviews, and workshops. When our efforts revealed the long-term personal and cultural effects of hunger in girls we decided to focus on the end goal rather than the root problem. Our new brand framework highlights the potential impact food can have on girls' lives. With the girls at the centre, surrounded by optimism, FAB invites prospective donors into a world that everyone wants to see.

We created an uplifting brand that unlocks potential - empowering donors to support promising futures for girls around the world. FAB believes that a well-fed girl can become a world-changing woman. It all starts today, with a donation and a nourishing meal.




Project team

Zack Holliday

Lisa Hanley

Emmy Silverman

Malcolm Montgomery

Kevin Zwier

Scout Shannon

Nick Lamanna

Ellen Hafer

Christine Hyunh

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