Humanity-centred experiences enhanced by GenAI

GenAI is poised to elevate the way companies design, innovate, and solve problems around human needs. We actively pursue this transformative potential and balance it with a clear vision of when humans should lead and when we should co-pilot. Regardless of the option used, we’re guided by our Do No Harm principle and always consider the unintended consequences of what we create could have on humanity.

Opportunity spaces with &AI

A humanity-centric approach to incorporating GenAI into your business unlocks numerous growth and innovation opportunities.

Create new revenue and optimisation opportunities
Identifying which components of your business can be augmented and automated to create novel revenue sources or optimise your operation.

Deliver superior products, experiences and propositions
Translating visionary fluid experiences that enhance your clients’ lives into concrete products today.

Ensure a smooth and impactful acquisition of GenAI throughout your teams
Defining employee experience, processes and cultural change strategies for GenAI-enabled organisations.

Incorporate GenAI in your own experience innovation processes
Reimagination of research, conceptualisation, and operation across all experience and product functions for greater impact.

Our offerings

1. Impactful opportunities

GenAI can help you streamline tasks and find new ways to run your business. This frees up your time to focus on what matters and create a more efficient operation.

Service: &AI Scouting
Three weeks to identify growth opportunities enabled by GenAI and assess your externalities.

2. Materialising visionary experiences

With GenAI, you can turn your best ideas into real products and experiences that make a difference for your customers. This means better products and services for both you and them.

Service: &AI Experiment
A design sprint to prototype differentiating experiences that are liquid, multimodal, and ultra-personalised.

3. GenAI enabled EX

Getting the most out of GenAI for your team is about three things: making it easy and helpful for them to use, improving workflows, and adjusting company culture to fit this new technology.

Service: &AI Cultural probe
Three weeks to ease into GenAI adoption in your team and cultural context.

4. Reimagined innovation management

By generating product ideas, crafting mock-ups, and automating testing, GenAI frees your team to focus on high-impact work. This translates to faster time to market for innovative products that resonate with your customers.

Service: &AI Unlearning
Three days to build GenAI-powered experiences using and acquiring GenAI-powered processes.

Want to know more about how you can grow your business using a humanity-centred approach to GenAI? Get in touch.