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In the three decades that Designit has existed, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been core to who we are and how we run our company. In an age where the UN's Sustainable Development Goals drive progress in workplaces worldwide, we go all out to act on them by providing a safe, respectful, equal, and responsive working experience for everyone who calls themself a Designit. As designers and experience makers, People and Planet are at the forefront of our minds in everything we do.


We are a 650+ person, strategy- and service-oriented business acquired by Wipro Limited in recent years. The executive leadership, our Global Leadership Team, runs Designit as an independent business and continues to maintain a corporate culture of honesty and transparency. The policies and processes we have in place demonstrate we are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion and acting on them. Whether it be in person or online, Designit aims to be accessible to all.
Everyone working at Designit receives:

  • a living wage;
  • generous health care benefits;
  • access to a retirement plan with an employer-matching contribution;
  • and Paid Leave/Paid Time Off (PTO), including time off for new parents, bereavement, or other personal events or responsibilities.

Everyone working at Designit has training opportunities: Mandatory training such as Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) and IT security, and Optional training organised in local studios and as part of individually defined talent plans. Our commitment to DEI values means we work every day to:

  • Be authentic. It's a journey, but we are prepared to roll up our sleeves and work hard to make positive change.
  • Cultivate belonging. Having a safe workplace and feeling like you belong is deep-rooted in everything we do.
  • Inspire change. Our actions today determine who we are in the future. Our goal is to be the changemakers we want to see.

Everyone at Designit also has bi-annual talent reviews and opportunities for growth throughout the year. Take a look at the section ‘Your growth is on you’ on our Jobs page to discover more.

People at Designit also have the flexibility to work remotely, and when they choose to work from the studio, they can expect full accessibility to all facilities. Special requests by our people or by potential Designits are welcomed and managed by our People team.

Inside and outside Designit, our people are passionate about organisations creating positive change in society. It’s one of the many common threads linking everyone here. This passion aligns well with the goals of the Wipro Foundation, which represents the Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives of Wipro Limited. Together, the continuous aim is to make a difference using the UN Sustainable Development Goals as guidance.


In Designit, our people are committed to sustainable futures across global leadership and in our local studios. We take a sustainable approach to everything we do.

When it comes to working, Designits have the ability to Work From Anywhere (WFA). But when they’re in local studios, we encourage recycling and composting programs supported by our building waste management teams to reduce the consumption of water and power and the creation of waste and emissions. Also, Designit has reported into the Climate Disclosure Project (CDP) as an independent business for three years.

Our parent company, Wipro Limited, has a common expression: Sustainability is about good citizenship. The recognition Wipro has received for their efforts in this area demonstrates that they believe in being a good corporate citizen. Wipro is committed to achieving Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas emissions by 2040 and a 55% reduction by 2030. Discover more about their commitment on their dedicated sustainability site.

Starting this year, our data and information will be included in the Wipro annual report. Although the numbers will be at Wipro Limited level, we will continue to unfold how we:

  • select office locations with LEED certifications and unique “Green” building upgrades,
  • how we purchase environmentally-friendly studio products,
  • and how we make year-on-year improvements in energy consumption and emission reduction.

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This CSR report

This report is GRI-Referenced, Index: GRI 302: Energy; GRI 303:Water and Effluents 2018; GRI 305: Emissions; GRI 405: Diversity and Equal Opportunity 2016; GRI 413: Local Communities.