Become resilient & future-ready

Offering Overview

Who will be your fiercest competitor? It’s hard to tell now, but you can anticipate what they might look like to prepare your business before it happens. Design offers many tools and approaches to look into the future and prepare for it.

In this offer, we will use business thinking with design doing to design your fiercest competitor before someone else does. From identifying market opportunities to facilitating strategic alignment, we work experimentally and with a people-lens to design possible disruptive business models in your industry.

Why is this relevant?

Disruptive players are hard to both notice and respond to, and in markets, low-end innovation tends to move upmarket, delivering better performance and adopting to more mainstream costumers.

What will you gain?

At the end of the capsule, you will gain...

  • An understanding of emerging market opportunities
  • A look into the future of your industry to inform how you can act now
  • A starting point for alignment in your organisation
  • Hands-on experience with creative and future-leaning methods.


Starting from 4-hour sessions. Time can be adjusted according to need.


It's required to have at least 6 people from different domains on your organisation’s side to work take part of the workshops.

Get started!

We curate the groups based on availability. Get in touch with the course contacts below to get a quote and sign up. Business courses can be tailored on a case-by-case basis.