Get Fresh Perspectives

Offering Overview

Being an in-house designer or being the only one on the team can sometimes yield process difficulties, getting stuck or not being able to see things from a different angle. Having a design partner for these situations can inject a fresh and critical view into your work, so your team can do their best work.

In this offer, we offer you a set amount of hours spread out over a time of your choosing with a designer of your choosing. We can help you work with strategy, conduct testing, create material, design and host workshops, sparring, and more!

Why is this relevant?

Internal teams and designers can develop blindspots and become stagnant over time, especially if they are on their own. Having a design partner to bring a new perspective to challenges at hand can yield in more innovative outcomes.

What will you gain?

What you get at the end of the package depends on your selected work scope. Along the way we help you...

  • Get expert support for the tasks you or your teams need
  • Develop more robust design outcomes
  • Access to an extended expert network from Designit


Minimum 30 hours over a set amount of time of your choosing. Support length depends on complexity of scope.


It is required to have at least 1 person on your organisation’s side to work with and involve along the way.


We curate the time and scope based on availability. Get in touch to book a meeting and explore how we can support your specific needs.

Questions or requests? Let’s chat.