Customer Experience Management (CXM)

If you think about it, it’s really all about experiences. The experience you have with your customers, with your employees, and with other fellow humans. Customer experience (CX) is people’s perception of your brand based on any given interaction they’ve had with you people, process, and technology.

Customer experience management (CXM) is the collection of tools and capabilities used to systematically design, deliver and respond to customer interactions that help you become beloved and drive long term loyalty. But customer experience doesn’t just happen; it requires you to align and integrate your capabilities and services across your entire organisation.

Our CXM approach uses cognitive, affective, sensory, attitudinal, and behavioural customer data throughout all customer lifecycle stages to help you make informed decisions and proactively address your customers’ needs. It’s important that you have a deep understanding of perceptions, sentiments, and behaviours across customer ecosystems and journeys.

We provide you with clear steps to develop your CX capabilities across your organisation so that you can create a customer-focused and customer-centric culture, identify important customer moments, and push for organisational growth. Our CXM framework uses an outside-in customer view that focuses on identifying opportunities to increase revenue, improve efficiency, and help you nurture a CX and data-driven culture.

We always start by doing a CX assessment to better understand where you’re at, followed by defining the four areas to focus on to make you a CX leader with a customer-centric growth strategy. This includes justifying CX investments, delivering a full CX roadmap, and outlining the step-by-step guide to building a CX program. We guide you on balancing business needs with customer expectations and perception, prioritising projects and initiatives, and turning insights into actions.

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