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Thinking ahead is messy. In innovation and futurism, it’s a widely accepted fact that you can’t predict one true future. Instead, you can consider many possible futures. Some more probable than others. Some more preferable. But the further ahead you think, the greater the uncertainty and complexity. So, really, there’s not one direction forward, but many different sometimes contradictory directions happening at once.

But that’s what makes innovation so incredibly fascinating. No one can predict the future, but with the help of research and design, we can explore, uncover and probe many possible futures. Plural. Including ones that might seem irrelevant at first glance. And this is what makes our approach different; through diversity in our thinking, we can handle uncertainty in our strategy. And become truly agile, flexible and resilient to change.

With the Innovation Lab, you get to identify what is feasible for your business and validate your strategy without investing too much time and budget. This approach is the first step to putting your vision into practice. We map out your idea and identify the most critical assumptions in order to design experiments, create real and tangible prototypes, and test hypotheses so that you can make the most informed decision possible. Together, we examine the big and the small picture, the opportunities and the pitfalls, the good and the bad, to develop an achievable plan for your next adventure.

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Design Director,

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