Beyond the Lens: How AI is changing creative workflows

A woman stands in a factory, looking at an art installation featuring drapes hanging from the ceiling. Colored lights in the background illuminate the drapes, adding a vivid, artistic touch to the industrial environment.
Time 16:00 - 17:30PM (EDT)
Location Paradisgade 4, 8000 Aarhus C

Join us to dive deeper into the workflow, use cases, and impact of Generative AI in the design process.

With new powerful AI tools at our disposal, creativity is taking on a whole new dimension. The lines between the digital and physical, human and technology, are becoming ever more blurred. And prompting is becoming a craft in its own right.

This also means how we conceive, create, and commercialise creativity and imagery - and the design process- are changing.

Explore the potential, the impact, and the pitfalls of using Gen AI for image generation, as well as hands-on, creative workflows and use cases.

What to expect from the event:

  • Learn about specific use cases of blending generative AI imagery with traditional photography to create stunning mixed-reality visuals
  • Be inspired by real-world examples of how to adopt generative AI in your internal team's ways of working
  • Introduction to the high-level legal implications of generative AI in the creative process
  • Drinks and light food will be available, alongside networking opportunities with your fellow industry professionals

Note: This event will be held in person at our Aarhus Studio.

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