Designing future Ecosystems of Care

What could the future of healthcare ecosystems look like? How can you (as individuals and collectives) shape the future we want?

Designing Future Ecosystems of Care Video
Time 8:30AM - 12PM (CET)
Location Health2B, Forskningsparken Gaustadalleen 21, 0349 Oslo
FREE - In-person event

Healthcare systems are in the midst of change.

Patients are becoming increasingly knowledgeable and demand more from their care providers, while the administrative load for the healthcare system is increasing and budgets decreasing. Technology is advancing faster than the market can adapt. Politics, legislation, processes and cultural challenges limit progress. The public sector relies on capacity from private actors who compete for the same services. And as if this wasn't enough, start-ups are challenging established players with new and disruptive services.

The future of the healthcare system is shaped in the present - it is the result of your interactions, decisions and how you work. What do you want the future of your healthcare ecosystems to look like? How can we come together, explore and co-create healthcare for the better? This is a shared challenge and also one of the biggest opportunities we can address with design.

Save the date for the 21st of November at 8.30 AM and join us in-person to co-explore the future of healthcare.

Learn from our design specialists about:

What design can bring to healthcare ecosystems, and a practical way on how to get started in seeing common obstacles and opportunities

→ How to unpack, reframe and gain an understanding of interconnected problems across an ecosystem

→ Move from high-level strategy to action

*Subject to change

8:30 AM – Doors Open
Join us for some coffee & breakfast, mingling and getting acquainted before the event.

9:00 AM Starting up & introductions
We will introduce ourselves and have talks related to healthcare ecosystem design.

  1. Shifting towards a design-driven organisation and ecosystem
    by, DIPS Design Director, Tom Gabriel Johansen & Head of Design, Agnete Enga
  2. How small changes can create big impact - service innovation in municipalities
    by, Designit Design Director, Kaja Misvær Kistorp

10:00 AM Activities 1 - Our "as is" and desired futures
We will dive into describing our as-is and capture desired future directions using Designit’s Dualities framework.

10:50 AM Activities 2 - Obstacles, opportunities, and moving towards actions
We will unpack challenges and opportunities within and across our organisations to see commonalities and possible actions moving forward.

11:40 AM Debriefing and closing
We will summarise our learnings and what came up in our discussions throughout the session.


  • The event will be held in English, with both Norwegian and English facilitators.
  • To support better dialogue and reflections, we encourage you to bring a peer/colleague from your organisation. No preparation is needed, just an open mind.
  • We have a limit of 30 seats. A waiting list will be introduced if more people would like to attend.

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