Health Fiction Talks

Join us on May 9th for an inspirational talk about the future of health. In light of Germany's largest design event, Munich creative business week (mcbw), join us as we connect today's scientific knowledge with the visions of tomorrow. Two accompanying exhibitions, 'Health Fiction Gallery' and 'Animal Fiction', will run until May 12th to provide additional inspiration. Want to know more? Keep scrolling.

Time 6PM - 10PM (CEST)
Location Designit Munich - Gabrielenstrasse 9 80636 Munich
FREE - no reservation required

How do you want to shape the future and keep fit and healthy, while also taking responsibility for animals and nature?

We asked ourselves a few questions, and based on those, created the following:

1: Hospitals will not exist in the way we know and use them

  • What if healthcare is always around and available?
  • Could healthcare be provided by KI driven non-humans?

2: Upgraded humans

  • What if we fuse with data and become seamlessly connected?
  • What if body cloning becomes the new normal?
  • What if you don't want to upgrade & extend?

3: Trusting (in)Visibility

  • What if we become mentally transparent?
  • How will AI-driven mental health measurement change our interaction and well-being?

Learn about possible future scenarios and get inspired by visionary product and service solutions that stimulate thought, spark your imagination and show potential design ideas. Learn more here.

Please note that the talk will be held in English at our Munich Studio.

Danusch Mahmoudi

Managing Director, Germany,

[email protected]