Sustainability by Design Talk

Join us for lunch! We're hosting a series of virtual lunch sessions with designers, activists, and business leaders.

Location Online
Host Mads Kjøller Damkjær

How can we design for a circular economy? What is regenerative design thinking and why is it key to creating a sustainable future? Just a few of the topics we've explored around sustainability, circularity, and the impact of design in 2021!

The United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals are top-of-mind for many of us, and can design be a crucial factor in an organisation's adoption of humanity-centred principles. Our studio in Copenhagen hosts a monthly discussion with our Managing Director of Denmark, Mads Kjøller Damkjær, and an inspiring designer, activist, or business leader who's ready to share their perspective on sustainability by design

Previously, we've had the pleasure of welcoming Ditte Lysgaard Vind, partner at Lendager Group and author of A Changemaker’s Guide to the Future, and Laura Storm, founder of Sustainia, Regenerators, and author of Regenerative Leadership for inspiring and thought-provoking conversation.

Bring your lunch and we'll bring the food for thought. Keep an eye out for our next session...