Dualities: Futures Generator tool wins 2022 Danish Design Award in the category ‘Towards Utopia’

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The Dualities: Futures Generator tool has been recognised for its ability to further conceptualise and predict the future enabling organisations to explore and shape their strategies for future outcomes.

Each year, Danish Design Award, an annual international design prize led by Danish Design Centre and Design Denmark, nominates the best design solutions based on each project’s impact, contextual fit, design innovation and quality.

On June 9th, 2022, our Dualities: Futures Generator tool was awarded the 2022 Danish Design Award in the category ‘Towards Utopia’ — an award for critical design or design critique that acts as an inspiration to the design industry and that seeks to answer the vital question: Are we headed in a good direction or should we be imagining alternative futures? This award honours thought-provoking concepts that reimagine or reformulate the scope and purpose of design.

Here’s what the jury had to say:
This design sparks creativity instantaneously. Most people struggle to imagine what the future looks like. However, incorporating AI into this solution stimulates our ability to visualise and understand what lies ahead. Therefore the Futures Generator also has great educational potential and is especially suitable for those not used to working with design, yet it also works very well for designers.

If you haven’t yet heard of it, Dualities: Futures Generator is a tool that can help predict the future using advanced machine learning. The generator creates the website of a speculative start-up from somewhere in the future related to a chosen theme and direction. Users can explore both the current possibilities and the pitfalls ahead when designing solutions for the future. Want to give it a try here.

Like everything else we do at Designit, we make it our mission to generate solutions that align with our core value of bettering the world for both our people and planet. The Dualities Futures Generator is no exception. “If you want to be truly diverse and explorative towards this hyper-complex future, you need to embrace multiple different perspectives and embed them into your design processes.” - Lasse Underbjerg, Global Future Lab Director.

The Danish Design Award prides itself in celebrating the difference design can make in people's everyday lives and we are thrilled to have been able to make a difference and ignite shared progress for all.

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