In a future with fewer and fewer cars in our cities, design can transform the public spaces formerly occupied by personal vehicles.

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Let’s imagine the urban mobility of tomorrow with fewer cars and more open space. What will we do with that free space, and how can it be used to benefit communities and the environment? We envision a gathering spot that encourages sustainable mobility by combining public bicycle parking with seating to chat with friends or relax with a cup of coffee.

VeloHUB will help people reclaim cities congested by cars. The average size of a parking space in Europe – 2.5 meters by 5 meters – perfectly fits a modular VeloHUB system. These customizable systems feature safe, protected bike or scooter parking, while also offering seating and shelter for pedestrians to relax and mingle. VeloHUB's modular and flexible design will fit into a range of spots throughout the city.

Relax, lock & enjoy. Take a break from your jog or simply relax and destress. Feel free to lock your bike and go off for a walk as well.

Lock, store & go home. Secure your bike, store your bags in a locker, and continue your day without lugging along your bags and bike along with you.

Commute, charge & connect. After commuting with your e-bike, charge it in VeloHUB and track the battery status on your phone.

Connect, lock & repair. Repair your bike with the provided tools and continue your journey!

The German Design Council recognised VeloHUB with an ABC Award for Mobility and Innovation.

What’s down the road?

We partnered with Citizen Mobility in Munich to run our first urban mobility experiment, UmPARKEN. Participants were offered a free, four-week mobility package – which included public transportation, rental bikes, and bike-sharing – if they agreed to not use their cars for those four weeks. As a part of the experiment, we placed a prototype of the first VeloHUB module that allowed people to explore the test module through AR. We’re currently analysing the experiment results to identify how VeloHUB can best fit into our cities.

Got any questions? Our team in Munich has the answers. Reach out to [email protected].