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Duration 34 min.
Guest Tatiana Toutikan
Host Katja Forbes

YELLO meets Los Angeles-based future-thinker, Tatiana Toutikian, to dive into the world of Speculative Design sometimes called Critical Design.

In this episode

Tatiana is working right at the intersection of design, business, social science, and technology - helping businesses, the public sector, and nonprofits get a bird’s eye view on the whole system surrounding their service. In this episode, Tatiana will talk about the need for following societal and technological trends, and weak signals, and how her career so far has shaped her own experiences in the field. You can expect to hear about:

– How you anticipate and plan for future products, services, and experiences

– How this area of design help businesses not only grow but constantly rethink where they’re at

– And what the purpose of doing speculative and critical design is, in the first place

Leading the conversation with Tatiana is Katja Forbes, Managing Director of our Australia and New Zealand studios, and board member at IxDA (that’s the Interaction Design Association if you don’t know). In fact, IxDA is where Tatiana and Katja first met.


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