Photo credit for this episode's cover: With thanks to Ingvill Bryn Rambøl/Nobel Peace Center

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Duration 38 min.
Guest Kjersti Fløgstad
Host Phil Hall

'We want to challenge the way we’re thinking. Not just reaffirm what we already know, but to try to open peoples’ perspectives.'

In this episode

One organization bringing the public and private sector together, and giving female leaders a voice, is the Nobel Peace Center. Oslo Pax, the beginnings of a movement from the Peace Center – featuring Nobel Laureates, changemakers, and activists as guests – highlights the need for action when it comes to diversity and gender inclusion in peace and war. This episode is all about diversity, leadership, and sustainability, seen through the lens of the Nobel Peace Prize and Nobel Prize-winners.

Joining us to is Kjersti Fløgstad, CEO of the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, Norway. Kjersti has led a fascinating career spanning corporate and social sectors. She’s been in leadership positions since she was 30, a Director for one of Norway’s banks at 33, and the Secretary-General of UNICEF Norway for ten years.

In this episode, you’ll hear how you as a business can gain from, and speed up, the process of diversity and sustainability. You’ll hear reflections on the qualities that make a good leader – based on experience, recognizing your own bias, and the barriers that still exist. Expect honest discussion around the experience of being a woman in a leadership role and why it’s important that businesses and organisations come together.


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