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Duration 42 min.
Guest Dawn Gearhart
Host Phil Hall

Designit talks to Dawn Gearhart, Director of Gig Economy Organising at the NDWA (National Domestic Workers Alliance), who has made it her mission to give Gig Economy workers a voice.

In this episode

Drivers, carers, babysitters, professional nannies, cleaners and many other workers are now, more than ever before, using online marketplaces to find jobs. Often using an app. But the conditions they work under are not equal around the world. In fact, in a worrying development, an increasing number of companies see value in avoiding traditional employees and the usual employer/employee set-up. You could argue the Gig Economy, as it’s called, has changed the way we work forever. But what about the people doing these jobs?

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

- What the Gig Economy is and the ideas behind the business models being used today

- The costs and consequences for workers using open platforms for jobs

- How design plays a significant role, particularly how design solutions have produced new problems

- And who the allies and antagonists are in this overall story.


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