Helping brands turn into Builder Brands

Eduardo Hernández

A brand is not just a logo; it's the physical and mental representation of a product, a service, a company, and its people. A perception formed through the experiences the brand provides: its functionalities, personality, values, etc. (OK, you might have read this before, but there's no harm in repeating it until it truly sticks.)

A good brand generates trust in people. It has credibility and is so charismatic that it becomes impossible to replace. And this can be achieved through a well-developed brand strategy that enables it to conquer a territory that's:

  1. Relevant: It connects with the needs and motivations of people
  2. Different: It offers a unique proposal
  3. Authentic: It's consistent with the very essence of the company
  4. Fertile: It facilitates the creation of quality experiences, content, communication, etc.

But above all, brand strategy is about business. It's about making the company progress. So, understandably, it has to have a measurable impact on the KPIs that make a brand perform better. And this, friends, can only be done using data to make smarter decisions.

A brand's economic might and influential power also makes it a facilitator of positive change. And it has the responsibility to do it because it is, increasingly, a must-have for consumers across industries.

Designit's approach to business is 'Ignite progress for brands to drive progress for all'. Through that lens, brand strategy must encourage a positive impact on society.

But how can this lofty goal be achieved?

By moving from the classic 'building brands' paradigm, in which the brands are built almost passively, into one in which you become an enabler of your brand and have an active role in it.

A Builder Brand brand is:

  • A brand that works hard for a better future
  • A brand that emanates energy
  • And a brand that has respect for the world in which it operates

When a brand is activated by empathy and driven by purpose, it turns into a Builder Brand, designed to build better, holistically affecting internal wellbeing, people & communities, and society & the planet.

Internal wellbeing: These are brands that build progress internally, providing stability and economic sustainability for their employees. They become a valuable brand by:

• Facilitating the creation of new brand extensions and business lines that feed on the brand's own purpose

• Becoming a charismatic brand for people by turning customers into fans

• Working with clear positioning and architecture for people

• Providing internal culture and helping talent retention

People and communities: These are brands that build connections. A brand can't be isolated. It has to build ecosystems. To generate alliances that make all its members stronger through the exchange of synergies. Identifying shared values between different brands is crucial to come together and offer more value to people.

Society and the planet: These are brands that build positive impact. Because let's face it, no brand is neutral; it's in our hands to make it a builder or a destroyer. These brands are aware of the impact they have on people and the planet and actively work to contribute to its improvement by:

• Generating value to clients and customers.

• Defining a purpose with social and environmental positive impact in it.

• Acting in accordance internally.

• Promoting a messaging strategy that contributes to enhancing this impact through the company's communication assets.

A well-developed brand strategy is key to success. Without it, you can’t create a Builder Brand, and ultimately, ignite shared progress.

Want to ignite shared progress, create a Builder Brand, and work for a better future? We’d love to help you. Let’s talk.