CMO Study: When upheaval leads to elevation

Scattered shapes being jumbled around and released as a structured pattern to represent the movement from upheaval to elevation.

In 2020, the pressures of the pandemic accelerated shifts in how companies in general – and marketers in particular – do business. The human drive to come together around shared experiences, ideals, needs, desires, and goals intensified. In response to so much change and uncertainty, brands that could create customer connection and deliver a sense of community and shared purpose endured.

So, what are the critical challenges and open opportunities for brands to sustain this momentum into the future?

To get a pulse on the changing ethos, we connected with marketing and customer experience executives in leading organisations all over the globe. We wanted to understand how these leaders are faring and what is top of mind as they work to improve brand health going forward.

In our report, you will find the five key areas below, where brands are called to build on the groundwork they’ve already laid for the future of marketing.

  • Turn a moment into a movement
  • Lean into humanity as a brand strategy
  • Make your way through the data labyrinth
  • Foster connection as a two-way street
  • Demystify Customer Experience

See the press release here.

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