Sony Bank

Sony Bank, a Japanese online bank, saw an opportunity to radically simplify the banking experience for expatriates, a rapidly growing demographic. They needed to understand the existing landscape, identify users’ pain points, and create a digital service that addressed those needs.

Designit’s team delved into the end-to-end banking experience of foreigners in Japan. Through desk research and interviews, we learned what users expect from banks in Japan, which currencies they use, and how current services compare to online banking standards around the world. The team distilled three main insights:

1. Due to its specific procedures and reliance on physical services, the current banking system has a steep learning curve for foreigners.
2. Newly-arrived foreigners are restricted by the lack of multilingual financial services.
3. Exchanging currency isn’t a daily banking need.

Sony Bank’s English Open Account app offers customers a simple and quick way to open a bank account online. While opening an account in Japan is usually a heavily regulated and paper-based process, now foreigners can digitally share their information and scan documents on mobile.

We collaborated with Sony Bank and its English online banking service by designing an informational and promotional website. In clear, straightforward English, the website introduces the products and explains their uses and benefits. For additional support, customers can head to the English help desk.

‘I really like the website. The aesthetic is very clean and simple. It is uncluttered compared to a lot of Japanese websites. Navigation is also easy, with all the most likely to be used links displayed in the top lefthand corner at all times.’

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Sony Bank


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