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Fundación Cruzcampo (FCC) is a social organisation that provides young people with the necessary skills and knowledge to enhance their personal and professional growth in the hospitality sector. Its visual identity is based on the commercial brand Cruzcampo, one of the most popular beers in Spain. Despite the public recognition, FCC identified the weakness of its identity. The brand needed a refreshing lift to resonate and grow within its community.


FCC partnered with Designit to revamp its visual identity and adapt it to digital channels. The team also identified the need to use a theoretical framework to evolve and maintain coherence with the Cruzcampo ecosystem. As a key deliverable, we created a complete manual detailing the new brand guidelines.


Thanks to the evolution of its identity, the new visual expression will have a notable impact on FCC’s positioning. It’ll strengthen its presence in digital channels while maintaining its connection with Cruzcampo and the rest of its ecosystem.

Why it matters

Throughout the process, we've guided FCC in understanding the value of brand redesign, laying the groundwork to define its positioning and values, and ensuring internal alignment within the team.

‘The new identity elevates Fundación Cruzcampo as an independent and corporate entity, and gives us resources to capitalise on or value our dedication to people. We are very comfortable with it and very grateful for the work of the Designit team.’

Regla Bejarano

Fundación Cruzcampo Director



Fundación Cruzcampo



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