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GN ReSound and Designit partnered together to put personalisation and control back in the hands of the users with the first hearing aid interface for the Apple Watch.

Developing innovative new solutions for hearing loss has been a common goal for Designit and GN ReSound, a global market leader in hearing care solutions, since first working together in 2013. GN ReSound once again partnered with Designit to create the first hearing aid interface for the Apple Watch, rethinking the way hearing aids are controlled. Extensive user research and prototyping led to an elegant user interface crafted specifically for the compact face and interactive features of the Apple Watch. A Simple IA was adapted to refine the app into six main screens to ensure that it had a minimalistic, yet visually beautiful navigational concept.

GN ReSound and Designit identified three distinct use cases uniquely made possible by the Apple Watch: discretion in social settings, convenience at home, and effortless control on-the-go.

The easily accessible touchscreen allows users to quickly adjust settings as they move through changing environments. The app also allows users to create location-aware audio profiles. Both features help users maximise control, comfort and clarity while reducing many of the pain points often associated with traditional hearing aids.

SDG 10: Reduce inequality within and among countries

Through this partnership, GN ReSound was able to reduce inequality for people with aural impairments and increase accessibility to wearable technology.

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Award in The Digital Design Category

German Design Award


Creative Circle Award


Consumer Electronics Show

Five award recognitions, 2016

Chosen by Mike Stern as one of his top three picks for apps that exemplify ‘beauty and delight’ making user interaction with the Apple Watch more interesting, welcoming and fun.



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