HydroPeptide is on a mission to bring professional-grade skincare to the people. They came to Designit looking for a roadmap to expand their business and evolve their brand to match.

Based on extensive consumer and category research, we built a brand foundation that resonated with both professional and consumer audiences. We used the brand foundation work as inspiration to develop comprehensive brand guidelines centred around a core message of confidence and education.

Meet the new HydroPeptide – a reinvigorated brand with room to grow. We took the brand's refresh and gave it life, bringing beauty, approachability, and a message to engage consumers and professionals alike.

We also used these brand guidelines to build the campaign platform ’Love Your Routine,’ complete with assets for multiple channels across video, digital, retail, and OOH.

The ’Love Your Routine’ mantra gives our audience confidence to own their personal skincare routine, whether it’s a quick morning regimen, an elaborate nighttime routine or just a quick ‘pick me up’ during the day.

With this campaign we meet people wherever they are in their journeys and help them achieve their skincare goals.

The resulting brand refresh provided HydroPeptide with the aesthetic and messaging they needed to connect with a consumer audience. With brand guidelines, campaign assets, and an extensive content library, we helped set HydroPeptide for optimal growth.

‘Establishing a strong strategic foundation from the outset enabled our team to craft brand guidelines that set HydroPeptide apart from other luxury skincare offerings in the market. This foundational work ensured the brand guidelines were grounded in brand, business, and human truths, serving as a springboard for inspiration so every asset created celebrates the uniqueness of individuals and delivers a sense of confidence.’

Kathryn Orr

Strategy Director, Designit






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Kathryn Orr

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