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Wipro Technologies approached Designit with an interesting question: What if we could turn any car into a smart car? Together we defined a product roadmap and created the user experience for an industry-changing connected transportation platform.

Together we created the complete user experience of the AutoInsights platform, which customers can use to interface with the connected car device. We conducted market research across 24 different car dealerships and also spoke with drivers to maximize the various touch points of the final product. From our research, we discovered core problem areas in the average consumer’s car ownership. We used our insights to create a beautiful, user-friendly app, and scaled it across various devices and platforms.

‘Mahindra is focused on bringing in the latest technologies through innovative solutions for pre-owned car owners in order to make the ownership and driving experience as enjoyable and satisfying as that of a new car owner.’

Dr. Nagendra Palle

MD & CEO, Mahindra First Choice

The AutoInsights platform maximizes “Car Lifetime Value” through IoT, analytics, mobility, and voice. It serves the car consumer across the entire lifecycle of their car ownership, from purchase point to insurance; from inspection and maintenance to resale. The technology behind the AutoInsights app is far-reaching: it offers driver analytics, sends theft alerts, tracks cars in real-time, monitors the health of the car, along with many more safety features.

The design and development was followed by a pilot solution launch at Mahindra First Choice dealerships, which was extremely well-received. We're looking forward to our future partnerships.



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