Microsoft Inclusion Journey

An engagement platform for progress

Designit was asked to create a unique learning and engagement experience for Microsoft. This project wasn’t directly related to Microsoft’s corporate DEI work or positioning. It was to be built as a platform for learning and sharing on the topics of diversity and inclusion at work and in society at large.

Image depicting a man looking pensive as he looks at his laptop and drinks coffee.

Our first phase was a proof-of-concept endeavor, enabling the Microsoft DEI team to secure buy-in and funding from internal leadership. We developed a pitch that wove a narrative around our concept, “Work in Progress,” through strategy, verbal expression, and a unique new visual language for the company. Our second phase was to build the experience and produce original content to populate it.

"Work in Progress" manifesto

We can't just do more. We can't just do better. We must do the work. We intend to dismantle established systems and build something different. Progress on this scale takes more than an initiative.

It takes ALL OF US doing the actual work. Progress is, and will always be, a work in progress. It will never be perfect. It will never be polished. It will be very hard.

And it will require us to take a hard look at ourselves, our decisions, our perceptions, our attitudes, and our impact on the world around us.

Working toward progress means acknowledging the past and present and holding ourselves and each other accountable for the future. As individuals, organisations, and a culture, we are all works in progress. We must embrace this imperfection and pivot our focus toward action.

Learn new ways. Unlearn old limitations. Test. Implement what works and repair or reinvent what doesn't. Because the reality is, helping everyone do more means dedicating ourselves to do the work to get better.

Uncompromising action for change means our work is never done.

Three individuals - two women and one man - engaged in discussion around a table with a computer and coffee in a meeting room. A woman in a burka and a man in a flannel shirt engaged in conversation while seated next to each other, both focused on their laptops.

Our storytelling construct was so resonant that it was also used for the very first Microsoft Include event, which coincided with the release of the website. This project earned resounding praise from all of Microsoft's leadership.

Picture showing a family of three gathered around their dining table at home. A woman is working on her laptop, a man is engrossed in a book, and their child accompanies them.

‘WOW! This is the sentiment I have, as do many others, about the incredible work this team has done in partnership with GD&I to bring the Inclusion Journey site from an idea to a reality. From the assets, creative, and endless reviews to the site experience and end-user-first approach—we could not have done it without the expertise and hard work of each and every one of you. On behalf of the Global Diversity & Inclusion Team and Microsoft—thank you. We appreciate all the long hours, passion, teamwork, and effort that has gone into this. Congratulations on a successful site launch and all that this encompasses.’

Lindsay-Rae McIntyre

Chief Diversity Officer, Microsoft






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Stefan Hajek

Patrick Halferty

Cliff Tomczyk

Jaime Diskin

Becca Rice

Stephanie Darcy

Margaret Erickson

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