How do you innovate the coffee experience for frisky coffee lovers?

Together with the Swiss premium coffee company Nespresso®, we created a new generation of the patented centrifusion coffee extraction machine system to meet the joyful lifestyle of today’s coffee lovers and reduce its impact on the planet in the process.

Made from 35% recycled plastic, the Vertuo Pop machine is characterised by its compact design and a wide range of vibrant colours. This new coffee machine represents a playful design solution for lifestyle homes.

Designit was involved from early ideation to design development. Within an intensive co-creation and insights-based process, enhancing the one-touch brewing experience, evolving Nespresso®'s design DNA, in particular, colours, materials and finishes to appeal to younger customers on a global scale.

Thanks to its smart features and intuitive interaction, the Vertuo Pop machine ensures the user a smooth and consistent coffee experience and assisting during the maintenance procedures.

Vertuo Pop machine achieved one of the prestigious IF Awards 2022 and has been available since September in selected markets.

A long-term partnership

We have been partnering with Nespresso® for many years. During that time, we’ve helped Nespresso design various new coffee machines.

Designit is constantly supporting along the entire product design process through design thinking, research, and creative and collaborative methodologies. Together, we design and innovate product features, user interfaces and design characteristics that fit both the Nespresso® brand principles and the needs of existing or new customers.

Examples of visible results from this cooperation have so far included new product categories like the design of the Expert coffee machine, which won gold in its category in the 2017 iF Design Award, and the user interaction part of the Barista machine.

We can't wait to continue our collaboration with a strong focus on enhanced user experience and innovative technologies in the context of sustainability.






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Matthias Reisenberger

Markus Mayer

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