Nykredit, one of Denmark’s largest banks and mortgage providers, came to Designit to set itself apart. Together we created a more modern, digital-ready identity to engage with Nykredit’s customers on a more personal level.

The project initially set out to redesign the website, but together with Nykredit we soon agreed that its brand assets were made for the age of print, and didn’t translate well into digital. And so we formed a mixed team of brand designers, illustrators and digital designers, and built ourselves a war room within Nykredit’s offices. We worked simultaneously on the brand and website, allowing us to test concepts out in real time across different applications – app, web, print and motion.

Together we have simplified, sharpened and systemised Nykredit’s brand DNA. Built on a system of squares, the brand guidelines are easily adaptable to different on- and offline applications.

With a new color palette, photo style and illustrations, the brand assets differentiate the bank and inject some life into its communication across branches, social media, mobile banking apps and the new website.

‘There used to be a hesitation around brand projects in the organisation. But since the rollout, people can definitely see the value in our refreshed brand – it’s modernised the organisation and the way we communicate.’

Morten Møller Madsen

Executive Vice President, Digital and Marketing


Red Dot Award





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