70% of machine programming for simple parts take place at the machine but their interfaces are stuck in the 80’s. We partnered with Sandvik to improve industrial machining workflows with Prism, the first touch-based, computer-aided manufacturing application.

We worked with Sandvik to design a computer numerical code (CNC) programming tool that would reduce costly programming time, shorten the learning curve for users, and streamline the workflow. In order to understand the day-to-day journey of the different user roles within the machine shop, we interviewed Sandvik's machining experts before prototyping and testing in iterative sprints. Through close collaboration with their engineering team, we were able to create and launch an MVP for a new product in less than six months.

Prism is the first CAM application for iPad. It manages the entire cycle of machining — programming, simulation, post-processing and export to CNC-code. The real-time feedback of the 3D interface allows nearly anyone to understand CNC programming. Prism also opens a new era of smarter manufacturing by being the first product to offer Cookbooks for CNC machines, which allows machining experts to package and monetize their expertise, making the machining know-how of the industry available to anyone.

Prism is an integrated solution that reduces programming time by up to 94%.


Red Dot

Design Award in 2019

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SDG 9: Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

With a new application that shortens the learning curve and reduces programming time, Sandvik supports the development of new, smart manufacturing tools.

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