How do you create a corporate website that is true to the brand and simultaneously delivers a unique customer experience? By focusing on the people.

Santander is a leading banking group in Europe, North America and South America with a solid standing and reputation and its steadfast commitment to employees, customers, shareholders, and communities. For more than 160 years, Santander has constantly evolved, revitalised, and adapted to the current market requirements.

These last few years have been vital for securing its leadership position. Santander continues to focus on meaningful innovation, international expansion, and its commitment to ever-growing responsibility in banking practices.

Santander aimed to draw a new Corporate Digital Experience that embodies a sincere and coherent personality aligned with their values, providing their audiences with relevant and contextual information aggregated from different sources with a familiar voice in a timely way.

Santander wanted to fulfil its audience's inspiration and information needs: those who are part of them, those who follow them, and those who wish to become part of their team. To achieve its goal, Designit focused on places where the audiences create and consume the content.

How was it carried out? First, the team launched a research workshop where they defined the challenges and pillars of the new website, and the objectives of the vision were co-created with the stakeholders. Then, after reviewing and analysing existing material and heuristic analysis of the current site, interviews were launched with Argentina, Mexico, Chile, and Brazil. Once the areas of opportunity were identified, the team drew three conceptual lines, and Gaia was the winning concept. The last phase focused on the iterative digital design process.

The result? A specialised and differentiated digital experience where fixed contents (stories, press releases, and news) are linked together through tags in meta-themes aligned with the user interests rather than organisational silos.

The website's modular structure and new navigation bring balance, functionality, and inspirational content. A clean visual language brings the content front and centre to empower the Santander brand. A new governance model aligns with the priorities of 16 areas and 10 markets and defines editorial roles and processes to create a harmonic voice.

A benchmarking platform was created to ensure transparency, reaching 144 million customers and 200 thousand employees globally. Monthly users have grown (+88%); they spend more time on the site (+28%) and access more editorial content (+247%).

We redesigned the corporate website of its client as a key asset of a digital transformation strategy that includes transparency and improves the user experience. Designit drew the strategic alignment of priorities of up to 16 different areas and countries to create a coherent communication model with a global message.

The new website has proven to be more engaging for its audience, providing a unique user-centric digital experience and offering valuable content for shareholders, job-seekers, press, customers, and non-customers representing all areas of the bank.

‘When facing a great challenge, you can't walk alone. Launching a new corporate website is not an easy project, and there are many different ways in which you can approach it. We possess great talent within our company, but the team at Designit brought the expertise and innovative approach that made the difference in executing the project successfully’

Carlos Relloso

Head of Corporate Digital Communication & Social Media






Project team

Diego Núñez

Sebastián Matiz

Junior Castro

Alejandra Cubero

Gurutz Gorrotxategi