Smukfest, one of the oldest and largest music festivals in Denmark, partnered with Designit to streamline their brand identity and visual universe across all organizational levels. Placing their iconic mascot, Walther, center stage where he belongs.

In their 40th anniversary year, Smukfest (which translates to ‘Beautiful Festival’) was looking to unify their brand across all touch points and offer their festival goers a celebratory experience to remember. Their iconic mascot Walther had taken different forms over the years, and there was a feeling that he and the entire visual universe of the festival needed an uplift.

Until now, Smukfest had experienced an inconsistent brand identity across the various arms of its operational foundation. The festival, which is built around thousands of volunteers, needed a collective brand foundation and guide.

‘Today the festival is not just about the music. We needed to reflect that in our design. Designit helped us embrace a fresh visual brand, open up new possibilities and enhance the festival experience. It’s been fun working with you and very well received by everyone.’

Randi Rehmeier

Head of Media, Smukfest

Designit worked with Smukfest organizers to delve into the festival’s rich history to inspire a cohesive brand identity, revitalizing it across all levels of the organization.

The creation of a design framework made it easy to use, seamless to update, and added a visual playfulness to match the feel of the festival. This was a partnership about creating more than looks, though. We explored how visuals could enhance the experience for all users at the festival. We brought tickets to life with Augmented Reality (AR), created posters, videos, social media visuals, and Giphy filters so that the brand would be deeply rooted in the festival experience.

The updated branding and activations served to bring the entire scope and feel of Smukfest into one comprehensive visual world, based around Walther, and the community focus of the festival.

‘Smukfest is a unique, soulful place you can’t find anywhere else. This is a forest festival I’ve visited myself ever since my childhood. It was an honor to work closely together and help re-shape their brand.’

Jacob Vidkjær

Motion Design Lead

Smukfest sold their first batch of 25,000 tickets in just 90 minutes - all of which featured the new visual branding.





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