Fix the Food Festival

There is a huge link between food and peace. Between the way food is produced and the way in which peaceful societies are built. So how can you ensure that food systems are laying the foundation for peace? At Fix the Food Festival, green chefs, food activists, Nobel Peace Prize laureates, and business leaders shared their perspectives on this topic.

The Nobel Peace Center and the World Food Programme (WFP) co-hosted Fix the Food from September 24-25th. The WFP was recognised with a Nobel Peace Prize in 2020, putting the relationship between food and peace on the international agenda. This festival explored solutions and partnerships for ending world hunger and providing food security for all.

Designit’s team of designers and researchers worked with the Nobel Peace Center to create the festival from concept development and visual design to product and spatial design.

Madison Scheper
Product Designer at Designit

Manuela Aguirre
Lead Design Researcher at Designit

Mari Eline Raste Amundsen
Senior Brand Designer at Designit

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to learn about what we eat, the way we produce it, and how that affects societies.