IAA Mobility 2021

Ever wonder what the future of mobility holds?

IAA Mobility 2021 brings together thought leaders and stakeholders to discuss and share their vision for the future of sustainable mobility.

Running from September 7th to 12th, IAA Mobility 2021 the world’s largest mobility summit looks at mobility as a comprehensive experience. It is a forum to respond to the rapidly changing demands made on future mobility.


The event debuted the first physical prototype of VeloHUB in the heart of Munich for the general public to experience. VeloHUB is our vision of what a future with fewer cars and more open space could look like. Designed for the average size of a parking space in Europe – 2,5 meters by 5 meters – VeloHUB is a modular system that can be reconfigured and scaled for different purposes – seating, bike storage, gardens, and much more. There was also an augmented reality application that visualised VeloHUB for online participants.

Danusch Mahmoudi
Managing Director, Germany at Designit

Jens Roeper
Executive Director, Germany at Designit

Dominik Schütz
Lead Designer at Designit

Matthias Reisenberger
Senior Product Designer at Designit

Philipp Griebel
Digital Designer at Designit

Elisabeth Wagner
Digital Designer at Designit

Who is this for?

Designers, business leaders, and anyone interested in building urban mobility solutions and sustainable futures.