Transform to Net Zero

We're joining a cross-sector initiative to accelerate the transition to a net zero emissions global economy.

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Let’s face it, our planet is in a state of climate emergency. Businesses and governments must make drastic changes to limit the global average temperature increase to 1.5ºC, or the world will see the devastating impact of climate change within the next decade.

Transform to Net Zero is a global initiative working towards a net zero emissions global economy by 2050. Led by nine of the world’s largest companies – Wipro, our parent company; A.P. Moller - Maersk; Danone; Mercedes-Benz AG; Microsoft Corp.; Natura &Co; NIKE, Inc.; Starbucks; Unilever; and the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) – the initiative will release research and roadmaps, transform business operations and supply chains, and advance public policy that incentivises progress towards net zero.

Signatories of the Transform to Net Zero initiative commit to these five goals:

  1. Demonstrating the business transformation we are undertaking to achieve net zero emissions by no later than 2050. We will share best – and unsuccessful – practices and will encourage other companies to evolve and enhance their current efforts. We will collaborate to chart a common path towards what net zero transformation for businesses looks like to enable others to fast follow.
  2. Delivering robust emission reductions across our entire business and value chain aligned with science-based targets consistent with limiting global average temperature increase to 1.5ºC. We commit to taking action across our value chain, including our supply chain and our products and services.
  3. Working jointly with our partners across our supply chain to collectively drive lower levels of greenhouse gas emissions. We will stand together in encouraging and enabling companies in our supply chains to commit to their own science-based targets and take real action.
  4. Innovating and investing at scale to develop and scale zero carbon products, services, and business models to unlock potential emissions reductions and amplify our impact. We know that a substantial investment in innovation is required to deliver the needed transformation in our business, and we commit to invest at scale and collaborate to accelerate solutions.
  5. Engaging with policy makers on the policies needed to incentivise zero carbon investment and stimulate greater action and more effective climate risk management. This includes advocating for effective carbon pricing mechanisms that drive a meaningful price on carbon, disclosure of climate-related financial risks, and green recovery packages.

Our European Head of Business, Kjersti Lund, discusses Wipro’s commitment to #NetZero and shares how we continue to embed sustainability into the products, services, and experiences we create.