From Move Fast & Break Things to Move Fast & Build Better

Time 4PM - 6:30PM (EDT)
Location Designit NYC - 77 Sands St 11th floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA

In recent decades, our lived realities have transformed to include new ways of interacting with each other socially and professionally, and we've seen relationships with new products and services emerge in once unthinkable ways. Creative industries like design have been at the forefront of such transformations. But while their impact has been felt on every level of daily lives, questions about accountability are rarely directed toward them.

Although presented as futuristic, technological advancements—including artificial intelligence, machine learning and augmented reality—are already here and rapidly iterating.

As social media feeds and headlines are dominated by polarising debates about the ownership and application of these advancements, less discussion is dedicated toward practical and critical approaches to these issues. How do we conceptualise, create and roll out new ideas intentionally, and with due consideration of ethical practices like “Do No Harm”?

Do No Harm is a tool that can be used across the entire design process, from defining a project, conducting research, and developing an idea to implementing a solution or launching a product. It's a practical approach to having a shared awareness of potential negative consequences on people, planet, and society.

Want to learn more? Join us on October 17th for an evening of exploring practical strategies of responsible business in the creative industries, from inclusive and accessible service developments to applying a Do No Harm Framework to our design practices. Together, we’re working to go beyond the notion of “move fast and break things” to “move fast and build better.”

What to expect from the event:

  • Learn about existing ethical and intentional practice strategies from well-known trailblazers within creative industries
  • Interactive discussions with industry experts on responsible business practices in creative and tech markets
  • Introduction to practical tools, including Designit's Do No Harm Framework, to spur long-term and large-scale mindset shifts in creative, tech-focused, and commercial settings
  • Drinks and light food will be available, alongside networking opportunities with your fellow industry professionals


  • Dr. Pardis Shafafi

    Global Responsible Business Lead,

    [email protected]


  • Grace Kwon

    Sr. Service Designer, Spotify


  • Kjersti Fløgstad

    Executive Director, Nobel Peace Center


  • Miya Osaki

    Chair, MFA Design For Social Innovation (DSI)


Event Contacts

Erik Wagner

Executive Client Director, Brand & Core Growth,
New York